Localizing Global Garment Biographies

22 nov 2022

The research project Localising global garment biographies wants to bring highly diverse people together to collaboratively research how the changing value and lifespan of clothing has an impact on relationships between buyers and users, and producers. Engaging Rotterdam residents (Rotterdam Museum), as well as Indian textile producers (farmers, ginners, spinners, dyers, knitters, stitchers – GVK Society), the project foregrounds diachronic as well as longitudinal perspectives to reveal the structural inequalities at play.

Proceeding from the heritage garment collection of Museum Rotterdam, the project will invite Rotterdam residents to create affective and historical biographies on the origins of garments, which are then linked to accounts of Indian textile producers. These biographies will be shared through digital tools, drafting linkages between users and producers. This will encompass an experimental online digital environment that can be accessed by smartphone, and should be multi lingual, presenting the history of dedicated garments, their materiality, location and transportation. It will allow for and encourage commentaries from users and makers from around the world. Localising global garment biographies thus links complementary but hitherto disconnected stories, it foregrounds heritage objects to induce the kind of behavioural transformations required to arrive at fair, sustainable and circular global garment chains.

For more information on research and partners, see projectpage University Leiden

Partners Museum RotterdamMBO Zadkine, Modemuze, TU DelftAmsterdam University of Applied SciencesGrameena Vikas KendramRaddis Cotton and the GITAM University.


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