Yarn: (bag) Embroidery yarns: commercial wool, finely re-spun: fuchsia, green, blue, black, bougainvillea ; (straps) Commercial white cotton, commercial wool, navy blue. Bag made of commercial white cotton (manta). Embroidery stitches: cross and double running stitch - side selvages and upper rim of bag finished with fuchsia-coloured stitchery - similar to buttonhole stitch. Traditional design - fine embroidery: large double-headed eagle, rest of space filled out with small geometrical units - one large 8-pointed star placed along lower fold of bag. Large wool tassels fastened to lower corners, done in green and fuchsia. Straps: warp-face plain weave, warp striped ; warp pattern weave. Cut warp ends worked into 3-strand braids. Woven design exhibits blue warp stripes near end selvage - center area contains simple fret motif, blue on white ground.

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Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen
Yarn: (bag) Embroidery yarns: commercial wool, finely re-spun: fuchsia, green...Lees verder
Santa Catarina
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