Workshop Boezelbreien

jan '16 14
jan '16 14
Pulp, Amsterdam

From January 12 – 18 2016, GW Agency presents the new collection PULP by Natalie de Koning with a SLOW fashion presentation at Westerlab in Amsterdam. Over the period of a week, the collection will be presented in the shop and workshop space. Visitors can purchase materials and patterns of the collection and can learn how to make their own designer garments during various workshops.

This craft technique workshop Boezelbreien is meant for fashion students, young fashion designers or other fashion lovers that are interested in learning ‘Boezelbrei’, an embroidery technique that Natalie de Koning has used in her PULP collection. Boezelbrei is an old craft technique used by the people of the small village and island Marken (Noord-Holland) to connect seams, not by sewing, but by embroidery. You’ll learn about the history of the technique, how to do it and how it’s used in the pieces of Natalie’s collection.