Suiting Nations, the Myth of the Englishman´s Suit

Tahmasp I
nov '16 10
nov '16 10
Research Centre for Material Culture

On 10 November Dr. Christopher Breward, currently Rita Bolland Fellow of textile, fashion and dress at the RCMC, will deliver the lecture Suiting Nations, The Myth of the Englishman´s Suit.

Christopher Breward, Professor of Cultural History and Principal of Edinburgh College of Art, currently Rita Bolland at the RCMC, will address some of the issues raised in his recent publication The Suit: Form, Function, Style (Reaktion Books, 2016). This widely reviewed book on the history and meaning of tailoring aimed to take familiar stories, reworking them for contemporary readers. Whilst explaining the ways in which the English suit has come to signify longstanding relationships of power and influence, Breward is also keen to set its form against and alongside contrasting methods of clothing the body.

Lecture will be at RCMC Steenstraat 1, 2312 BS Leiden at 16:00-17:00

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