One Man and his Shoes

aug '20 27
dec '20 31

A documentary about the incredibly popular Air Jordan Sneaker. A shoe that took on great social and cultural significance and achieved a turnover of billions through a brilliant marketing strategy.

Savvy marketers at NIKE, which in the 80s focused solely on tennis and running shoes - see opportunities to take the team sport to themselves. Basketball scout Sonny Vaccaro is put on the payroll and a young talented filmmaker, Spike Lee, is hired for the commercials. It's a matter of timing and luck, but once NIKE basketball player  Michael Jordan  and his shoes launch worldwide, history will be made. Air Jordans are becoming a must-have for African American youth, who stand for all things 'cool'. But the price is high. The shoes come in a limited edition and are outrageously expensive. The first fatal street robbery for a pair of Air Jordans is reported in 1989. And more to follow.

In theaters from 27 August